random different projects

hello -

so i have about 10 different projects all going on at the same time...i'm working on some butterflies for 'cache'ing (don't know about it? sorry, can't tell)...different pay it forward projects, doilies, hairbands, kitchen set, yoyo lapghan, more doilies, cebadera for ruben...and i'm going soon to pick up my hubbie from panama :) of that i'm excited. i started working out cuz i wanna loose weight so my hubbie and i can work on having babies :) we want to expand our family :) i can't wait!! mami is good, she's in pr for now, 'visiting'...we'll see how long that lasts. on june 11, alex and i are going to attend the soccer game of panama vs usa :) that is going to be lots of fun!! woo hoo!! go panama!! :) then we're off to rochester, ny for a few days then to nyc for a few more days...alex wants to see the sights (liberty, ground zero, brooklyn bridge and such) ;) definately gonna take him to central and battery parks. good memories there. i hope he enjoys it.

well that's the update for now. hopefully i'll learn to keep this up to date more often...but not likely according to my record so far! ;) hahaha!

see ya,
mariposa :)

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a hat, a puff and a scarf

hello -
so i've completed a hat and a bath puff since the new year started. and i'm working on the CAL scarf that i never completed :)

the hat is the basketweave stocking cap from drew emborsky's booklet "leisure arts #75271 in all caps". i made it out of caron spa :) love that yarn, very yummy :)

and the bath puff dani turned me on to....so i made one to see if i could, and i can :)

and the scarf is stitch stud's cal that was given before the holidays, but i just never finished it. i actually had to rip it out cuz i know my tension has changed and i didn't like the look of the first couple of motifs since i was still learning the pattern. so now i'm almost done with the first track. the scarf has 2 tracks and a center part that joins them together. hopefully i'll be done before the cold goes away :)

ok that's it for now.
see ya!


trying a resolution

hello -

well i have been on hiatus for a while...i just didn't feel it, i didn't want to crochet...my life has just been up and down, happy and sad all at the same time. my dad died in july, i went to puerto rico and panama, both to where i hadn't been in over 10 years. i fell in love, got married in november. moved back in with my mom to help her out and not leave her alone....

but the other day, the crochet bug bit dani, and i think she passed on the infection to me...i remembered what fun it was to crochet. i made a hat and a bath puff :) i'm so proud, and i made them both within 3 days :) woo hoo! my next post, hopefully soon will have the pattern links and pics. i even updated my ravelry page about the finished products, just no pics.

onto the reason for this post, my trying of a resolution. of course i say trying of a resolution, cuz come on, we all know, resolutions are usually made to be broken, hardly anyone ever completes a resolution....but here's mine....to crochet for charity (yes i stole it from dani,but she's right, we just need to), use up all of my/my mom's stash yarn (cuz we just don't have the room), and crochet stuff that i can enjoy, and finally crochet myself a garment!! i know it seems like a lot, but i want to try to accomplish all this within this year. i know, 16 days down, and i've only crocheted 2 things, but they were both from the stash, so far i'm good :)

alright, enough from me for now.
take care and have a great day....


peacock track mystery scarf CAL

hi -

i'm very excited to be joining/starting my very first CAL. it is being given by the stitchstud :) [i met him at chainlink, so nice and he's mentioned in the talking crochet with carol alexander :)] it's called peacock track mystery CAL. here is some more info on ravelry on it :) i can't wait to start. i'm very curious about this CAL. what attracted me to it was the fact that stitchstud is going to give us the instructions in audio format first then chart and text instructions once we've completed the section. this CAL is going to be just too interesting to not try it!! if you want to join me and about 100 other people on this quest, click here to sign up on google groups by sept 13th :)

once he says we can talk about it, i'll post more :)

and as for chainlink pics, i still have to upload them on flickr/photobucket and link them to here...i'm just still moving stuff out of my 'new' room at my mom's (see previous post) and moving my stuff in....slowly....ugh, i hate moving!!



what's been going on....

hello --

oh alright already....it's been way too long since i last posted, but life had just not let me have a moment to breathe. here's a little explaination... :)

for all of you that don't know, i lost my dad in july and i've been traveling like a mad woman since. we buried him in puerto rico cuz that was his final wish, to be wherever my mom was going to be. we stayed there long enough for the 'novena' (catholic custom of 9 nights of rosaries then a mass).

then off to the knit & crochet show in buffalo for me and tracie. mind you, i got in from puerto rico on a sunday, and left for conference on tuesday. had a blast there, learned new things, and met lots of very important people. i possibly will have a job with mary beth temple!! woo hoo!! i love connections that are made at conferences :) most people know me as tracie's tagalong :) LOL!! but that's ok, i'm good :) i was just happy to be away from everything.

we left sunday, and on the following tuesday i left for panama (the country where my dad is from, i say country cuz most people think i mean the city in florida). and here i am, my last nite in panama, and i don't want to go home, but i do a the same time.

i don't cuz i'm moving back in with my mother. she just can't be alone, she hates being alone, and i'm the only child :) she spoiled me, now i can spoil her. and i don't want to go back to work!! 3 months of not working and i think i could be a housewife with no problems :) LOL! with all the changes going on in my personal life and the changes apparently happening at my job, i'm considering leaving my job and going for another....but in this economy i almost don't want to risk it, what if what i have in mind doesn't pan out for me....but someone else gets hired?!? then what?

oh my, lots of changing and cleaning to be going on in the next couple of weeks.

i will definately post lots of pics from conference and what i made from my hairpin lace class :) i'm so proud of myself for finishing! and i've found a new love, hairpin lace!! it's so beautious of a stitch, and complicated looking, but it's not!!

ok, enough for now. i'm gonna pack some things this week and talk you all in a few days :)

chao! (my new way of saying bye, it stuck from here in panama. they don't say adios or bye, it's chao!) :)


it's official!

i am all registered and paid for!!
i bought the crochet 2009 hook.
i'm taking the beginning hairpin lace class and with it i'll have the homework done for the beginning hairpin lace join class in the afternoon!! :o)
i'm also taking the pushmi pullyu class, cuz i think it'll help with the filet crochet i like to do....i hate turning work! :o)
tracie and i are going to go to the dinner, fashion show and silent auction! woo hoo!
and we will be shopping all in between! :o)
i'm so excited! i can't wait for august!


gift exchange at cgoa

hi -
so there is gonna be a gift exchange at the cgoa conference.... and i want to exchange something.... if you look at my previous posts, you'll see the bmc that i made.... i decided that i'm going to make another one. i know i said i'd never make on again, but i'm already on round 40 of 60 and i love the color combo. ocean blues and white. tracie says that i won't give that one away, but instead give the one that i made months ago.... we'll see about that... i love blues... so maybe she is right.... lol!
let's see if i can get through these last 20 rounds, cuz the further i get the longer it takes to do one round. :o)
i'll update pics as soon as i take some :o)
talk to you later,


cgoa conference, knit and crochet show, happy easter

i'm going! woo hoo! i finally picked out the classes i'm taking. flight is paid for, hotel reservations made, all i have left is to actually register! :o) for those of you that don't know, it's in buffalo new york. i've got family there and in rochester (45 minutes away) so i just might call my cousin so we can have lunch or dinner :o) i really need to sit down and get this blog up to date! i've made lots of mini doilies and i have to update ravelry too....maybe later this week.

oh by the way, happy easter! i've had a lovely day with my parents. we went to mass at 11am then came back to the house, had a light lunch. i started washing clothes. we watched 'west side story'. then we had lasagna for dinner and i'm stuffed!

ok enough for now,
see ya,


1st post of 2009

hello -
so i know it's been many months since i last posted...but it's been busy for me....
i still have been crocheting, but i just haven't posted about it all....
i am working on the '99 little doilies' by patricia kristoferson. my goal is to have all of them made by this year's cgoa conference. i want to cover 2 pairs of jeans with the little doilies! i can't wait....
i will be posting more often so that i can show off what i've done so far, but give me a couple of days to get it all organized. i moved recently and i can't find all of the ones i've done so far....lol...i know they are somewhere in all of my boxes...
type to you soon.


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my bmc and afghan

hello -

i finally finished my between the meals centerpiece and it took me about a month to post about it. but here it is. the 1st pic is of the whole thing, 2nd pic is of the center, and the 3rd pic is of the edge.

i also have been working on my afghan.....but something has been stopping me from completing it....every time i try to work on it, this is what i see....

well that's about it for now....

see ya!


stupid me

ok so i made another purse, but this one was for my friend, jen that saw mine, loved it and wanted one for herself.......i finished it, washed it and gave it to her. but, i didn't take a pic.....i'm so stupid....now i have to ask her to take a pic of it and email it to me....

stupid me.


between the meals centerpiece and teaching ;p

hi - so i'm a little bit tired today....work was just a little too much...i'm off to my mom's to wash clothes (cuz i'm cheap, lol) and have meatballs and spaghetti....

i'm on the very last round of the between the meals centerpiece!! i'm so excited i might actually finish this one soon!! woo hoo!! maybe i'll finish it tonight and i'll be able to post tomorrow that i finished!

tomorrow my best friend, jodi is coming over to learn how to cro-knit (tunisian) a teddy bear for her son (wolfie), he's 2 :o) we'll se how it goes. she knows basic crochet stitches, i just have to teach her the actual things about tunisian (thanks tracie for the know-how)...i might end up making it with her :o)

ok i'm off,
see ya