what's been going on....

hello --

oh alright already....it's been way too long since i last posted, but life had just not let me have a moment to breathe. here's a little explaination... :)

for all of you that don't know, i lost my dad in july and i've been traveling like a mad woman since. we buried him in puerto rico cuz that was his final wish, to be wherever my mom was going to be. we stayed there long enough for the 'novena' (catholic custom of 9 nights of rosaries then a mass).

then off to the knit & crochet show in buffalo for me and tracie. mind you, i got in from puerto rico on a sunday, and left for conference on tuesday. had a blast there, learned new things, and met lots of very important people. i possibly will have a job with mary beth temple!! woo hoo!! i love connections that are made at conferences :) most people know me as tracie's tagalong :) LOL!! but that's ok, i'm good :) i was just happy to be away from everything.

we left sunday, and on the following tuesday i left for panama (the country where my dad is from, i say country cuz most people think i mean the city in florida). and here i am, my last nite in panama, and i don't want to go home, but i do a the same time.

i don't cuz i'm moving back in with my mother. she just can't be alone, she hates being alone, and i'm the only child :) she spoiled me, now i can spoil her. and i don't want to go back to work!! 3 months of not working and i think i could be a housewife with no problems :) LOL! with all the changes going on in my personal life and the changes apparently happening at my job, i'm considering leaving my job and going for another....but in this economy i almost don't want to risk it, what if what i have in mind doesn't pan out for me....but someone else gets hired?!? then what?

oh my, lots of changing and cleaning to be going on in the next couple of weeks.

i will definately post lots of pics from conference and what i made from my hairpin lace class :) i'm so proud of myself for finishing! and i've found a new love, hairpin lace!! it's so beautious of a stitch, and complicated looking, but it's not!!

ok, enough for now. i'm gonna pack some things this week and talk you all in a few days :)

chao! (my new way of saying bye, it stuck from here in panama. they don't say adios or bye, it's chao!) :)

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