a hat, a puff and a scarf

hello -
so i've completed a hat and a bath puff since the new year started. and i'm working on the CAL scarf that i never completed :)

the hat is the basketweave stocking cap from drew emborsky's booklet "leisure arts #75271 in all caps". i made it out of caron spa :) love that yarn, very yummy :)

and the bath puff dani turned me on to....so i made one to see if i could, and i can :)

and the scarf is stitch stud's cal that was given before the holidays, but i just never finished it. i actually had to rip it out cuz i know my tension has changed and i didn't like the look of the first couple of motifs since i was still learning the pattern. so now i'm almost done with the first track. the scarf has 2 tracks and a center part that joins them together. hopefully i'll be done before the cold goes away :)

ok that's it for now.
see ya!


~dani said...

very cute mama!!
So glad your blogging again :)

margarita said...

thanks mama :) i'm trying :)