peacock track mystery scarf CAL

hi -

i'm very excited to be joining/starting my very first CAL. it is being given by the stitchstud :) [i met him at chainlink, so nice and he's mentioned in the talking crochet with carol alexander :)] it's called peacock track mystery CAL. here is some more info on ravelry on it :) i can't wait to start. i'm very curious about this CAL. what attracted me to it was the fact that stitchstud is going to give us the instructions in audio format first then chart and text instructions once we've completed the section. this CAL is going to be just too interesting to not try it!! if you want to join me and about 100 other people on this quest, click here to sign up on google groups by sept 13th :)

once he says we can talk about it, i'll post more :)

and as for chainlink pics, i still have to upload them on flickr/photobucket and link them to here...i'm just still moving stuff out of my 'new' room at my mom's (see previous post) and moving my stuff in....slowly....ugh, i hate moving!!


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