trying a resolution

hello -

well i have been on hiatus for a while...i just didn't feel it, i didn't want to crochet...my life has just been up and down, happy and sad all at the same time. my dad died in july, i went to puerto rico and panama, both to where i hadn't been in over 10 years. i fell in love, got married in november. moved back in with my mom to help her out and not leave her alone....

but the other day, the crochet bug bit dani, and i think she passed on the infection to me...i remembered what fun it was to crochet. i made a hat and a bath puff :) i'm so proud, and i made them both within 3 days :) woo hoo! my next post, hopefully soon will have the pattern links and pics. i even updated my ravelry page about the finished products, just no pics.

onto the reason for this post, my trying of a resolution. of course i say trying of a resolution, cuz come on, we all know, resolutions are usually made to be broken, hardly anyone ever completes a resolution....but here's mine....to crochet for charity (yes i stole it from dani,but she's right, we just need to), use up all of my/my mom's stash yarn (cuz we just don't have the room), and crochet stuff that i can enjoy, and finally crochet myself a garment!! i know it seems like a lot, but i want to try to accomplish all this within this year. i know, 16 days down, and i've only crocheted 2 things, but they were both from the stash, so far i'm good :)

alright, enough from me for now.
take care and have a great day....

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