random different projects

hello -

so i have about 10 different projects all going on at the same time...i'm working on some butterflies for 'cache'ing (don't know about it? sorry, can't tell)...different pay it forward projects, doilies, hairbands, kitchen set, yoyo lapghan, more doilies, cebadera for ruben...and i'm going soon to pick up my hubbie from panama :) of that i'm excited. i started working out cuz i wanna loose weight so my hubbie and i can work on having babies :) we want to expand our family :) i can't wait!! mami is good, she's in pr for now, 'visiting'...we'll see how long that lasts. on june 11, alex and i are going to attend the soccer game of panama vs usa :) that is going to be lots of fun!! woo hoo!! go panama!! :) then we're off to rochester, ny for a few days then to nyc for a few more days...alex wants to see the sights (liberty, ground zero, brooklyn bridge and such) ;) definately gonna take him to central and battery parks. good memories there. i hope he enjoys it.

well that's the update for now. hopefully i'll learn to keep this up to date more often...but not likely according to my record so far! ;) hahaha!

see ya,
mariposa :)

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