i know, i know

i know...it's been a while and a bunch of stuff has happened....but this post is about my socks that i finally completed....my first pair!! with the help of dani and tracie, i did it!! i actually made a "wearable". the pattern calls for a higher cuff, but i don't like my socks that high...i like them sporty, so i made them that way...and tracie showed me how to do a cuff and it looks great in my opinion, thanks tracie!!
i'm already on my way to making another pair. but, i'm gonna stop for now, since i want to make a felted purse...

anyways, here are the pics of the finished product....
well on to more posting projects on ravelry....see you soon...maybe LOL

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~dani said...

Oh me oh my those are just freaking awesome!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! I can't wait to make another pair :)
smoooches babe!