felted purse done!!

hello -

i finally finished crocheting my purse this past saturday and i went to dani's on monday to felt it....i have never felted any project, so dani was my teacher for the day!! a big thank you to dani for taking pics of the felting process. (my mom stole my camera for her puerto rico trip, thanks mom!!)

it always seems when i go over to dani's, there is always something going on. i love it!! dani had a PTA thing to do, so we took a car trip to a friends house to pick up some candy bars. dani had to make a wrap for the bars with school stuff on it. we cut, wrapped, and taped the bars together!! then after that we went to take the bars back to her friends house!

in the meantime, *during all the cuting and wrapping* dinner was made. poor ava *one of dani's dogs* got sick and poor puppy threw up her dinner....and besides all that we picked up jesse from school and then from soccer. ate dinner. but we felted and put together our bags.....wow what a day!!

dani found out, after the felting washes, that one of the yarns she used was not wool and that part of the bag didn't felt. i'm sorry that happened to you dani!! but i think it still looks good!

so on with the pics....i'll show you the before and after pics....


Tracie said...

Looks good, mami! Now I get to tell Dani "I told you so" about that other yarn. :)

Brandee said...

It looks great. I love those colors together!