cwt - mini doily and coaster done!!

hello - i finished my mini doily #7 "small pineapple doily" and coaster #3 for my cwt yahoo group :o) i had been working on the mini doily all week and yesterday at work i finished it, and started the coaster. i went to borders last night, got an orange mango smoothie (very yummy), sat down and crocheted.....i finished the coaster and started on another doily....i guess i'm trying to catch up. the past 2 weeks, i feel like i haven't been crocheting as much. i wonder how much time i'll have for crocheting once i'm on ravelry.com?!?! i can't wait.....as of right now, there are 11678 people ahead of me in line :o) my friends are patiently waiting for me to get on :o)

ok, i have to go to work now.....more crochet time for me LOL :o)

see ya!

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V JR said...

I had a look at your doilies....great work !! Even I like to crochet doilies just like u ..... I don't seem to have any interest to crochet anything else. I loved your blog !!!