new stuff i bought!!

ok... remember that i'm a threadie...

so i went to michael's with my mom to buy some yarn (she's making about 6 baby boy afghans) she got about 10 skeins of different blues....she's nuts....hahahahaha but what i bought was about 1 of every color of royale #10 thread!!! i was low on everything i had and was combining colors in doilies and stuff. the past couple of doilies were in white or ecru. i had lots extra from my mom's ecru tablecloth, so i was using that up. my mom thought i was nuts :o) but i couldn't help it.....i got light yellow and looked at the darker yellow and thought "i need that shade too" then i saw the cornflower blue color and thought "i need a darker blue too" so i got that....so on and so forth. i spent well over $30 LOL

and last night i went to the party lite party that was hosted by tracie and i, of course, bought lots of goodies :o) i loved smelling all of the candles, but the acai butter stuff was fantastic!! so i got some of that :o)

i found ebay this seller in paraguay that sells balls of 100 different colors of "rubi" thread for about $40. i got excited!! even with the $20 shipping, it's still a good deal, right???

wrong! the balls are 1/4 the height of a coke can and the width of the ball is about the size of 1 and 1/2 quarters!! i thought it would be a deal, but it's not really.....each ball has 40yds, so 4000 yds of many different colors will make me a couple of really radical doilies, but i hate sewing in ends, so i passed it up. i was a little bummed, but i'll deal.... :o)

just wanted to share that with you.....

ok, i'm done for now....i'm off to get ready to go to borders :o) see ya!!

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