i'm lazy and richard is learning crochet

hi everyone -

i've been lazy these past couple of weeks and tracie can attest for me how i've been lately with my crochet work.....at the last tbc meeting i just couldn't decide on what to work on....i pulled about 3 different projects in my bag to work on and when i finally started on one, something came up.....*drum roll please* richard decided that he wanted to finally learn to crochet!!! i was so excited. i was going to teach him how to do a granny square, but since he's a lefty, i sat in front of him and i decided to just go step by step: show him how to get comfy with the yarn and hook, and how to chain. here's the pic that tracie took at the meeting...

so then the next day, i went online and found a couple of sites that show lefty videos and he continued with his chain :o)

he's done a great job. i went ahead and made him a newer, even, shorter chain so that he can learn sc and turning....then we will move on to dc :o) i'm so proud of him :o)
ok that's it for now, i'm off to my mother's house to help her with some stuff.
i promise i'll come back and update you on my progress in crocheting :o) fo's and stuff :o)

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