yarn tasting

hello -

this past wedsnesday, i went to a yarn tasting with tracie and john at a yarn outlet. what's a yarn tasting you ask? let me explain....it's like a wine tasting, but with yarn. hahahaha!

prism yarn hosted this yarn tasting. prism sent debbie (owner of lys) lots of different yarns for us to play with, and purchase :o) there were about 20 people or so, all sitting, eating, knitting and crocheting with these lovely types of yarn. we were all able to crochet with all the different kinds of yarn that prism sent!

manhattan was my favorite. then i tried trieste, i liked that one too. i liked the way it felt running through my fingers...it was soft, very soft. there were a few yarns that the moment i touched, i knew i didn't like, so i passed those on. i found out that ribbon yarn is not so nice to crochet with....the stitches get lost in the folds of the ribbon yarn, but that's ok.

i will definately be returning for the next tasting!! i did have lots of fun.

i was able to meet and talk to vashti. she's great! she showed us a bunch of jewelry she's working on and stuff like that. i also talked to her about different threads and beads and such.

i didn't buy any prism yarn, cuz i want to make sure i have the right project before i go spending more money.....but, i did buy some more wool for fulling/felting. my friend jen loved my bag and wants one....and she's willing to pay!! woo hoo! so i bought the colors she picked out and 2 new colors for me to make a spring bag. i think the blue/grey bag is more for winter time....i want a brighter purse for the spring/summer.

anyways, enough for now,
see ya!

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