dish soap dress

wow, i so can't say that fast!! tracie knows, she heard me trying to say it last night and i kept stumbling over my words!!!! hahaha!!

ok on to the project! i decided about 2 weeks ago to buy a couple of grab bags from elmorepisgah.com to just see what it was about....i wanted to get a good amount of the same type of colors so i ordered 10 grab bags.......wow!!! that was a lot! i got 10 gigantic balls of white thread, 10 normal balls of camel colored thread, 10 skeins of sugar n cream khaki colored and at least 10 skeins of white cotton yarn and more than 10 skeins of different colors of cotton yarn!!

so i thought to myself the other day, "i want to make something with the cotton i got!" so i was looking through a couple of mags that i have gotten in the past month, and i came across the dish soap dress in crochet world june 2008 issue.

i thought, ok, this is a different type of project for me and i've always wanted to make one, so here we go..... well, it was quite simple to make, basic stiches and a v-stitch. it was the first time that i made something with hair bands!! 1 hairband for the neck and 1 for the waist :o) i think it turned out quite nice :o)

so here are some pics....enjoy!!


Shirley Taylor said...

Did you share the patern?

Anonymous said...

Is the pattern available?

margarita said...

the pattern was from a magazine, the Crochet World Magazine, June 2008

also linked at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dishcloth-dress