the groups i belong to

ok i decided to just give you just a little bit of info about the groups that i belong to....

the group i can't mention will now be called the troll-free group which in it are the following:
lsp's are charts, ksp's are written, csp's are filet, and cal's are either chart or written. the group also has monthly projects and such....patricia kristofersen and elizabeth hiddleson projects too, those are fun and complicated...

cwt is crochet with thread - lovely group, and they host doilies, coasters, barbie outfits *new*, bookmarks, baby stuff, and misc things also

cg is crochet gatherings - this is a group that brings yarn and thread together - there are projects for yarn and for thread. i like this group :o) it also gives us all a chance to try something new, if need be :o)

and of course there is my local group, tampabaycrochet :o) this is my favorite cuz all the ladies and gentleman are wonderful :o) we have lots of fun crocheting and drinking coffee :o)

the other groups i belong to are just to get links, info and pod

ok that's enough, i swear no more tonite.....maybe tomorrow :o)

see ya,

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