1st post of the year!! and guess what i learned..

hahaha!! this is my first post of the year!! so much for my new year's resolution of posting more...didn't i already say that i was gonna post more often?? well, i guess i fibbed :o) LOL...

i do have lots of excuses, but i'm not gonna list them....i'm just gonna post.

my mom has decided for some unknown reason to knit a blanket...and yes i said knit....and that's all she was going to do until she decided last night that she wanted to put some sort of ribbing on the blanket. and of course, who does she come to for a question on a craft that i don't know anything about?? me. she asked me how to make a ribbing in knit....how the heck should i know that?? ok, so good daughter that i am, i went to the computer and went to freepatterns.com and looked up the stitching and such...ok k2, p2 that's a basic pattern for ribbing....fine, but my mom doesn't remember how to purl. so i have to go online again and look up knit and purl to see the difference and teach my mom. if i haven't already said it, i don't knit, i'm not co-ordinated enough....my mom learned that of me when i was younger and i took to crochet instead of knitting.

needless to say, i now know how to cast-on properly (my mom was using a hook to cast onto the needle), to knit and purl and to make a ribbing. and i taught my mom. i thought she retained the info, but here's what happened to me today...

*example of what my mom does to me all the time after teaching her something new*
i'm at work, and it's busy....phones ringing, people dropping off prescriptions, i have to call an insurance company on a problem....

i pick up the ringing phone, 'how can i help you?'
in spanish...
mom: 'mamita, i can't remember how to purl...can you tell me?'
me: 'mami, i'm busy can i call you a little later?'
mom: 'but is it front to back or back to front?'
me: 'back to front mami, i'll call you back.'
mom: 'how is it to yarn over for purl?'
me: 'counter clockwise mami, i'll call you back.'
mom: 'ok, bye'

less than 10 minutes later....it's just as busy as before, just one insurance problem less...

me answering the 10th call in a row: 'how can i help you?'
mom: ' the ribbing isn't working. what am i doing wrong?'
me: 'mami, i'm not there watching you, i don't know what you're doing wrong. can i call you on my lunch break? i'll have time to explain then....'
me: 'fine, talk to you soon. bye.'

2 phone rings later...

me: 'how can i help you?'
mami: ' i forgot to tell you i need a refill....'

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! it always happens....she always needs me when i'm busy....but now that i got home, and i have actual time to talk to her about it, she figured it out on her own "since i couldn't help her". oh brother....

ok, enough babbling....i'm done.

blog for you soon...

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