my yarn items!!

yes i did actually say that....my yarn items...

i was given a couple of baby skeins of "lily sugar and cream" and "caron cotton tails" by my friend teri b. she asked me if i could make a couple of open mesh dishcloths....so i did. and here are 2 of 4 that i made. (the other 2 were given to teri's friend and i didn't get a pic, sorry)

and, i also made for ken, richard's mother's boyfriend :o), a couple of bath items. he's a manly man, and doesn't think crochet is manly. (i know, i know...maybe he'll learn with this gift...) i set out to prove him wrong and here's a pic....i made (from left to right) a soap on a rope, a back scrubber, and a washcloth. i hope he likes it!

ok that's it for now....
see ya!

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